About President BUHARI: This is Very Confusing.

The number 1 reason why some people Hate President Buhari is because he is from the North and he is also a Muslim! Going back to Nigeria’s History, more Northerners has Ruled Nigeria than any other Zone, which makes many just hate this man the more. Now Dasuki is arrested and facing corruption charges, again they Hated Buhari for this and many are taking sides with Dasuki using every technicality under the Sun to buttress their Point. Again Olisah Metuh was arrested on Corruption Charges, and the Same People Hated Buhari even more for this. President Buhari 1Now here is the part that is very Confusing about all this,  they are asking why Olisah Metuh was put in Handcuffs and Dasuki was not! One minute you are Insulting Buhari for arresting (Dasuki) a fellow Northerner and Muslim, and another Minute you are Insulting Buhari of loving Dasuki  by putting only Olisah Metuh in Cuffs while his brother Dasuki was not put in Cuffs. So in essence, what are you really saying? You can’t say Buhuri hates Dasuki today and tomorrow say he loves him so make up your mind please! ..because your Hatred for Buhari is clouding not just your judgement alone, but also your ability to apply common sense when discussing normal issues.

Thank you:  Daniel Okon

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