BUHARI And The Guilty Ones

President Buhari’s government is not yet 6 months old but depending on who you ask, you will either get a huge applause or Insults about how he has been handling the affairs of Nigeria. While a great majority of those who voted for him understand that you cannot fix a nation that has been badly damaged for 16yrs in just six monthsBUHARI 2, the others usually increases their insults on Buhari because they do not believe he should be there in the fist place. After all he took out their beloved Goodluck Jonathan.  And that is where the real Problem lies, many of these people, especially the ones blowing grammar online do not really care about Nigeria, but themselves. These ones got money, got promises, believed that they would be personally rewarded had Goodluck Jonathan Won. Now some of them are feeling Guilty for Betraying Jonathan. They collected money but did not/could not deliver, and it is their guilty conscience we see everyday masquerading as Critics. Ask how many of these people actually contributed even 200naira towards Jonathan’s Campaign. Instead they collected millions and part of the agreement was to show their support for Jonathan on Social Media. Non of these so called Critics of Buhari actually believed in Jonathan or worked for him from their hearts, they did it for their pockets and now some are feeling guilty. Of cause the many foot soldiers you see running wild, are also Insulting Buhari because of the Peanuts they got and because of what they are promised. This is the Truth, and it’s about time everyone own up to his or her real Intentions for Criticizing Buhari and never wishing Nigeria well. Well whatever Evil they wished will never come to past and we that Voted Buhari are a hundred percent behind him and still believe strongly that he will fix Nigeria.

Thank you:

Ayodele .K


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