Edo Union Netherlands Is Seriously On A Mission

On Saturday the 12th of December 2015, the Dutch city of Amsterdam witness an event that left many Africans proud while the Dutch and other visitors were simply astonished by the share pageantry, beauty, African Cuisine and the entire message of the event.Edo Union Netherlands 01

It was the Inaugural Ceremony and Cultural display of Edo Union Netherlands, an organization that is seriously on a mission to re-brand the EDO name and  re position the African as progressive and hardworking.Edo Union Netherlands 02

Right from the onset, members of  Edo Union Netherlands  knew of the difficulties and challenges they would face trying to  set up an organization (in Europe) that includes all the different tribes and districts that makes up Edo State, but that did not deter them as they worked very hard and at the end it was archived.Edo Union Netherlands 03

Under the leadership of Mr Rodney A.Irene popularly called Bishop, goals were set and members were constantly empowered to remember their Rich Cultural Heritage that was the Pride and envy of the old world.Edo Union Netherlands 04

The 12th of December 2015, will forever signal the courage of  Edo Union Netherlands as Executives were Inaugurated in the full glare of the public, signaling that their house is in complete order and they are ready for business. Mr Rodney A. Irene (Bishop) who was Inaugurated as the first ever executive President, gave a passionate speech.Edo Union Netherlands 05

He encouraged Edo men to stand up and take up the Responsibilities of their homes as real Husbands and fathers because that is the true Heritage of the Edo’s  that must never be changed. Mr Rodney informed  the audience that Edo Union Netherlands will be embarking on projects to help and support people back home in Edo State, and he ended with his own personal dream, just like Dr Martin Luther King, Mr Rodney dreans of a Day when an Edo Child would be the Minister-President of the Netherlands.Edo Union Netherlands 06

This last part drew a big applause from the Audience. The highlight of the event saw Edo Union Netherlands put up a spectacular Cultural display showcasing the rich cultural Heritage of which the Edo’s are known for.. Guests who couldn’t hold back their delight in seeing the beautiful cultural display rushed to the floor and stated spraying them money (A sign of appreciation that is done in some African countries).Edo Union Netherlands 07

During the Breaks, Multiple Award wining DJ Bude Tee and his crew were on hand, spinning popular Edo tunes to the delighted Audience, while the Popular MC Papilo who flew all the way from Spain to host the show gave the audience more than what they could handle as it was  delight and laughter  non stop. We at www.nollywoodbabes.com wish Edo Union Netherlands a big success in all it’s endeavors Edo Union Netherlands 08

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