Edo vs Yoruba: The Story Of True Love! And God Answered Murphy And Cynthia With Twins

This is a story of Perseverance! This is a Story of true Love! This is a story about putting your trust in GOD! And this is a story of Murphy and Cynthia, two Nigerians living in Antwerp Belgium.Murphy 8 Whenever you are in the Belgium city of Antwerp and needs to visit a Nigerian place to hang out “OZ MURPHY’S” is the place to be. You do not really need anybody to point it out to you as it is Located at the City center, operated by Mr Murphy and his wife Cynthia who are one of the most popular Nigerian couple in Antwerp. They didn’t start out like this, they both started from the scratch struggling together, and the solid love they have for each other sustained them from the bad and delicate pitfalls couples usually goes through.Murphy 5 Cynthia is from Edo State while Murphy is a Yoruba man yet they are as close as brother and sister that if you don’t truly know them, that is what you are going to think they are. Both of them are very friendly and good nature people, always there to help anyone.. but in all this, their joy is not 100% complete because they don’t have any child together.  After so many years together without any kids, the average African man might leave his woman and marry another wife.. especially in a City like Antwerp that is filled with so many beautiful ladies, but not Murphy! Rather he would advice and pet his wife not to worry that they will have children of their own.  But for how long can a couple endure, 5 years? 10 years? 15 years? especially the woman,Murphy 6 who is like a mother to all the many children of her brother and sisters.. Cynthia still kept believing and Last week GOD answered!  God answered them big, by blessing them not just with one baby, but two! Murphy and his wife Cynthia are now the proud parents of this precious Twins!  Murphy 1This is currently the biggest story in Antwerp Belgium as everybody is in a joyful mood wishing them all the happiness in the world…. because no matter who you are, as long as you live in Antwerp you must have met with Murphy and his wife and such meeting is usually filled with good memories. Murphy is a happy Jolly good fellow, and his wife Cynthia compliments him. Today there is Joy in London, there is Joy in Italy, there is Joy in Canada, there is Joy in Holland and there is Joy in Benin and Lagos Nigeria, as families and friends are celebrating this double blessing.Murphy 2 We at www.nolywoodbabes  join the entire family, friends and well wishers of Mr Murphy and his wife to felicitate with them.    You can also Congratulate them via Facebook here =  MURPHY  Murphy 7

Murphy 3

Murphy 4


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One Response to Edo vs Yoruba: The Story Of True Love! And God Answered Murphy And Cynthia With Twins

  1. Double Chief Reply

    January 25, 2016 at 12:37 am

    It is my prayer that God will provide for all your needs to be able to nurture the twin babies without stress. Best wishes always. May god in his mercies protect and guide them always. Amen

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