Like Goodluck Jonathan! Like Tunde Idiagbon!

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan! Yes that’s his name.  He came in with Jet black hairs, but the monstrous problems of the Nation turned him grey over night. Quiet, Simple, Friendly he did love his country Nigeria.  Alas Love is not enough to move a Country. He did Jonathan Buhari 2trust his country men to work with him and achieve a great Nation, but like Julius Cesar he was Betrayed by those he trusted! Stabbed both in the front and back. They came smiling to him, but kept stabbing him behind. Nobody feels anything when betrayed by a stranger, but the cut gets deeper when it comes from a friend.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan! Yes that’s his name, he did wish his Country well! But he was constantly surrounded by Frenimies! Praise singers that wished him no good. Like the sweetest pie, everybody wants his cut. From Politicians to Entertainers, From Pastors to Business men and women. None was willing to join hands with him and build the nation without looking for what’s in it for them. Today most are running all over Screaming! Wailing! Shouting! Trying to tell the world that they love you the most, but in truth it is their guilt eating them up. Just like Brutus was never able to find Peace after he betrayed Cesar, they also are finding it difficult to experience Peace after betraying you.

Goodluck Ebele Jonathan! Yes that’s his name,  Oh! how I wish you truly understand your Country! How I wish you know that most people only respect those they Fear! How I wish the Spirit of the Late Idiagbon dwells in you. Then you would have no reason to speak, because your eyes would have spoken for you!  You would have no reason to struggle so hard trying to make them understand, because your Actions would speak for you!  I am not your biggest fan, but I can tell when a person is Betrayed. Time is gradually showing you, that the Opposition did not take you out of power, but your very own trusted people! As they usurped the Country’s wealth, undermining your very authority because at the end, they know you will take all the blames. Alas at the very end you held the last card and checked-mate them by congratulating your opponent against their wishes. You accepted defeat and gracefully bowed out. Today, their Non stop screaming of your name has now become noise in your ears because deep inside, you know the Truth that most of them never did wish you well. Whatever anyone says, please  find peace in the knowledge that history will remember your last act, which will be likened to that of a brave Soldier. So in truth, you have something in common with Tunde Idigabon, the both of you are Brave!Jonathan Buhari 2


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