Mildred Okwo’s “SURULERE” Hits The Cinemas: February 12 2016

After watching Mildred Okwo’s movie The Meeting staring Rita Dominic, you will gladly hit your chest and say “Yes, Nollywood is on it’s way to greatness”! Apart from the cinematography and beauty of the picture, the story-line itself will have you rolling on the floor with laughter. You will hear words like “OYO” (On your Own) “ASHUALLAY”  (Actually) and so much more…. not one of those movies that you could easily predict the end. Yes, The Meeting is definitely a collectors Item, as you can watch it over and over again. For those waiting for another hit Movie from Mildred Okwo and The Audrey Silva Company , your wait is over! Mildred Okowo is coming out with another movie titled “SURULERE”Rita Dominic-Poster-Surulere which will be hitting the Cinema on the 12th of February 2016. From the Film Poster and Trailer it seems we are in for another round of The Audrey Sliver Company’s Magic!  We urge you to come out in large numbers and support this brand new movie, because it is only by your support such beautiful movies can be made. And Yes, just like in The Meeting, Rita Dominic is also on this movie ready to crack you up again

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