My Wife Wants To Divorce Me Because I Don’t Go Down On Her (Part 2)

This is the Second Part, Please start from the first part Here = PART I

“I don’t know why you just can’t be straight instead of speaking in riddles John! And since when has it become normal for a man to use his mouth on a Woman’s PRIVATES ?”

“And my own question to you Kenny is this,… if you truly love your wife then why do you want her to marry your Pastor?”  Without warning Kenny Grabbed John hard by the collar of his shirt ready to smash him on the floor

“Do not joke with my wife here John, because you won’t believe what I will do to you. If you cant help me out of this predicament, then why don’t you just keep your mouth shut before I destroy your face with my fists”

John released himself from Kenny’s grip and smiled “You keep confusing me Kenny, but I thought you just said it is against the African Tradition to enjoy your wife’s PRIVATES with your Mouth”

Kenny gave John a surprised look “Wow John! You used the word ENJOY, do you mean you have actually put your mouth on a Ladies PRIVATES before?”Dirvorce Couple 4

“Not just using my mouth alone, I actually have a P.H.D. Degree in it! That is the very first thing I usually do and after satisfying my girl, then I get busy”   Kenny’s mouth drops wide open looking at John as if he has seen a Ghost

“John! How on earth did you manage that?.. Your Mouth?  You did not throw up? Just the thought of it can make me faint!”

“But when she was using her Mouth on you, you did not faint Kenny! Well just wait a bit more, maybe when she marries another guy then you might truly experience fainting. For crying out loud, what is there to throw up about something so Clean, Fresh and beautiful? Kenny you are still in the Analogue age while many has upgraded to this Digital age ”   Kenny is very surprised hearing all these from John

“Now I know that you are not a good friend John! so you want me to do something that is forbidden?  Something that is against our Tradition and Culture, and by the way which eyes am I going to use in looking at my Pastor after doing that?”

“Wrong again Kenny! I never asked you to do anything, I only wanted to know about your wife’s next marriage when she leaves you so I can attend. I can bet you only remember the African Tradition and Culture when it’s time for you to go down on your Wife, but not when she is using her mouth on you. As for your Pastor, I guess he usually invites you to his bedroom, so you can now boast of knowing what goes on inside his bedroom”…..

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