My Wife Wants To Divorce Me Because I Don’t Go Down On Her

John has never seen his friend Kenny looking so sad like this before and he hopes he can help with whatever is bothering him, but before he can ask,  Kenny opens up

“My wife is planning to divorce me John! I mean she literally told me so herself”

“Wow! that is a big one Kenny… Hmmm!!  but what could possibly be wrong? You guys have the best relationship, your wife is a lady anyone can die for, so what happened? I mean is there anything I can do help?”

“That is why I am so shocked and sad John. My wife has asked me several times before, to “Go Down On Her” and I have told her several times that it is against our African Tradition and not proper… and now it has gotten to the point of threatening me with Divorce if I don’t do it. Can you believe that”?

“Hold on Kenny, but has she gone “Down on you” before”?

“Of cause, so many times! but I never asked her to do it John, she just started it on her own and she…… ”  John interrupted him before he could finish his sentence

“I hear you Kenny, but do you enjoy it whenever she does it”?

“What type of question are you asking me John, of cause I enjoy it very much”Dirvorce Couple 2

“Okay now I know, I just want to be sure. So when is the marriage going to take place Kenny”?

“Which marriage are you talking about John? I am telling you about my marital problems and you talking about Marriage”

“You are a very funny guy Kenny! You just told me about your wife’s plans to divorce you, but after that do you think she will remain single forever? Of cause not! She will get married to another person and I am just asking you when, in case she has told you” ..Kenny is getting a bit angry now.

“What sort of stupid talk is that John,  do you think this is a matter for Jokes?”

“There is absolutely nothing funny about what I said Kenny, because I am very serious! You just told me that you can’t Go down on your own Wife and she is planning to leave if you don’t start doing it”

“Hold on John, are you actually suggesting that I should put my Mouth on My Wife’s PRIVATES ?”

“But why on earth will I say or even suggest that Kenny? I was only asking if you guys talked about her next marriage when she leaves you”  A bit confused now, Kenny shouted at John

“My Pastor has even Preached against..”  before he finished his sentence, John cuts in again

“Now you are beginning to spill it out Kenny! …So it is your Pastor that is going to Marry her after she divorce you?”  This got Kenny mad and if not for their friendship, he would have punched John on the face

“Are you stupid or what John? I mean are you deaf?… or you have simply not been following everything I have been saying. For crying out loud how could you say such a thing?”

“Kenny you are the one that is confused not me! You are the one that brought in your Pastor to this story, and since  you are saying he dictates what goes on in your marital life..”  Kenny Cuts in before he finished his sentence

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