Olamide Just Doesnt Have Any Class (Don Jazzy vs Olamide)

Some people just don’t learn or maybe they don’t read or educate themselves enough about their chosen profession so they can avoid the pitfalls. After watching Olamide’s shameful act at the just concluded Headies Awards you can’t help but feel sorry for him. Nigeria is not the United States neither should anyone try to reenact the sad and unfortunate 2pac and Biggie’s saga. Even if Olamide feels he had a case, must he be so brash about it? He claimed his artists “Lil Kesh” deserves the award, and then went ahead to Insult everyone, threw the microphone on the floor and even threw the Red Cup he was drinking from on the floor.. on a Televised show? In Nigeria? Now here is a little Story/history for Olamide to learn from… Don Jazzy and Olamide 2Whatever he thinks he might have achieved still can’t be compared to Idris Abdulkareem in his hay days. At least Nigeria hav so many hot artists today, who are far better than Olamide that he would be lost in their midst. But back then, Idris was basically there at the top all alone… Ruling the music scene for a long time, but he eventually fell, when he stated Dissing, Fighting and making trouble. The Ultimate was his fight with 50 Cent, which he actually thought would boost his career, but rather it became the beginning of the end of his career. With his popularity and cult like following, if anybody had told Idris back then that his antics will put an end to his career he would laugh it off. Now this Olamide is following that same dangerous path and the same people clapping and cheering him won’t be there for him when he falls. He is enjoying the “SHOW” but forgetting the “BUSINESS” part of it I want to thank Don Jazzy for being so matured on Stage and showing both Olamide and the world the true meaning of being a “Classy Boss”


Thanks.  Frank .TA

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