See Why Jim Nwobodo “The Crying Governor” Might Cry Again Soon

Was it Nigeria’s first or second Republic I don’t know for sure but what I do know  is that after more than four years and massive corruption of the Civilian government then, the Nigerian Military struck and took out Alhaji Shehu Shagari’s government. General Muhamadu Buhari was made the Head of State and General Tunde Idiagbon was his second in command, his government threw all the Politicians in Jail, sentencing them to many years. Now one of the politician’s arrested was Jim Nwobodo who was a governor in Shagari’s government. When he was arrested and thrown in Jail, he Cried vividly like a little baby which earned him the nick name “The Crying Governor” .Jim Nwobodo. This was about 30years ago or so, well I have not been deeply  following Nigerian  politics so much so I have not been hearing much about Jim Nwobodo until recently. To my greatest surprise, I found out his name was mentioned in the ongoing #DasukiGate saga, it was alleged that he collect 500million naira. I screamed when I heard this, so this man is still in government? still in the corridors of power and once again his name has been mentioned in the latest corruption saga, money meant to equip our gallant soldiers fighting a deadly war against Terrorist now in private pockets.  I shake my head sadly as I write this, some people just don’t learn. They allow Greed and Evil Lock up their Hearts to reasoning. Another News is that same Jim Nwobodo has left his PDP Party and he is now a member of the ruling APC government. Well if Jim Nwobodo thinks this will safe him, then he must be making a grave mistaken and does not truly know the who the man Buhari is.Jim Nwobodo 2 The same Buhari that threw him in Jail some 30yrs ago will be the same person that will throw him in jail again if he doesn’t return back our 5000million naira  hurriedly, and this time his cries will be for a long time

Thank you.

Dennis .K

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