See Why Members Of PDP Are Mostly Arrested In The Ongoing Fight Against Corruption

I have read read many criticisms following the present war on corruption by President Buhari. Many are claiming it is Payback time / Political witch hunt. Before such conclusions are made we all need to understand that the ongoing investigations by the EFCC and DSS on the #DasukiGate saga and Money Laundering is at the Federal level. Goodluck Jonathan

The immediate past government was headed by the People’s Democratic Party. It is expected that benefactors of the Largesse will mostly be members of the political party in power or friends and allies of the past government hence the main reason why most of the people being quizzed and arrested are members/benefactors of PDP.

This should settle this question  “Does it mean all members of the APC are saints”? 
No, but most of the members of APC had access to loot only state funds of where they were in power. and, Mr president can’t start probing each states funds.  It is the duty of present state governors to investigate and prosecute whoever is found wanting be it APC member or PDP member.

Dasuki have been in custody and would have mentioned any APC benefactor of his Largesse.  Nigerians should support the present fight against corruption irrespective of political affiliations. These people disregarded the rule of law and Constitution when stealing our common wealth but will always want the rule of law and constitution to save them when being hunted.

If Olisah Metu or FFK are benefactors of Dasuki gate, they should assemble a team of good lawyers to defend their case.

May God bless Nigeria!

By koboko69: (Nairaland)

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