See Why President Buhari Is Getting Too Soft Now!

AM beginning to have a rethink about this Buhari’s govt, he is getting too democratic for my liking, By now FANI Kayode should have been calling his wife, if he has any though, to bring food for him at the DSS cell after his reckless and irresponsible statements threatening the unity and peace of the Nation,Femi Fani Kayode

By now AYO FAYOSE should have been removed from office for all his reckless talk. By now half of our yams if not all should have been recovered from the all these goats, how he did it is immaterial, just recover them, By now PDP should have been buried and forgotten, after what they have made us to pass tru in d last 16 years but they are still talkingAyodele Fayose

Baba u can do it, if it means pulling off UR agbada and wear khaki back, it’s allowed, things must work right, RULE OF LAW IN NIGERIA ; Suddenly SOME PEOPLE JUST understand the principle of Rule of Law.  When Fayose entered courtroom and beat up a judge these guys didn’t remember Aristotle or A.V Dicey essays on Rule of Law. No, there was no Rule of Law.General Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria

When Obanikoro threatened a military General, rigged an election (all caught on tape), and was compensated with ministerial post, these guys didn’t remember Rule of Law. When a sitting Governor and Speaker of House of Representatives plane was grounded on “Orders from above”, wailers didn’t remember book called Law.OBANIKORO

When Amaechi was prevented from entering Government House Port Harcourt as a sitting Governor by a weak Police CP Mbu, they didn’t remember Rule of Law exist, When Tambuwal was denied access into the National Assembly and his security details detached from him, Rule of law wailers never existed, When 5 out of 32 Rivers law makers sat and “impeached” the Speaker, these “Rule of Law” guys were nowhere to be found, when oga at the top killed three of Elzackkaky son, Rule of law was invisible,Rotimi Amaechi

But when President Buhari went after the yam eaters and gave Nnamdi Kanu a long excursion trip and view of how life is like for an animal caged in a “Zoo”, these guys are out, talking from both sides of thir mouth and lecturing us about Rule of Law. Folks,Opposition presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari, of the All Progressives Congress, speaks during the Nigeria Labour Congress in Abuja

take that lecture to USA/Britain/France, where were you guys when they invaded Iraq against UN laws, Libya and the latest syria? How about Guantanamo Bay where people are detained without trial? We want our yams and knowing how stubborn goats can be, President Buhari has our support to use whatever means necessary to get our yams back! How he does it again it’s immaterial,” ‪#‎GodBlessPMB‬&NigeriaIraq

Credits: Anayo Agujiobi 

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