Shocking!!! Did Her Mother Kill Her Because Of Europe Money?

Victoria sat down thinking about her life and the rough streets of Europe where she had spent years Hustling ..the Horrors of the streets is not something she could wish on her worst enemy. Some girls had Died but she was lucky to be alive, yet throughout all these she made sure she took very good care of her family back home in Africa. She had put her siblings through school, built a House for her Mum and made sure they are comfortable. Now it’s time to put life on the street far behind her and concentrate on her own future. It’s time to settle down and get married so she too can raise up a family of her own. A year later she met Sam, their relationship was good and he was everything she wished for in a man. Victoria phoned her Mum in Africa and informed her about Sam and their plans to get married, but her Mum was not happy about this and told her in very clear terms that she was not sent to Europe to go and get married, but rather to make Money. Prostitute StoryVictoria on the other hand explained to her Mum that she had done her very best for the family including building a house and taking care of everybody. She explained that time is no longer on her side and she wants to settle down with Sam and start her own family. This got her mum even more angry and she told Victoria that even if she wants to get married, it must never be to an African like herself but rather to a white man so she can have a lot of money to be sending back home. Victoria ended the conversation as it was obvious her mum wanted her to continue hustling on the street so she could maintain her social lifestyle in Africa, where she belongs to different “Meetings” and “Social Clubs”. A year later Victoria had her first Child for Sam and they were so happy about this. Their child was almost a year when Sam got a call from work that Victoria was very sick and was rushed to the Hospital. Sam left work and rushed to the Hospital but before he got there Victoria was Dead. This was way too much for Sam to handle, his world seems to be crashing down on him. He summoned Courage at once and phoned Victoria’s Mum to inform her of the death of her daughter. The reply Sam got from her,  gave him the shock of his life!  Without any sign of sadness on her voice she said maybe Victoria got what she deserved, after all she is not the first person to die so Sam should bear it…but the most important thing to her is that Sam must not Temper with any of Victoria’s property, Especially her Gold and Jewelries. Victoria’s mum told Sam that he must ship everything to her in Africa otherwise what happened to Victoria might happen to him.

This is a True Life Story!  Names/Photos  changed to protect the Identities of the real people.We hope African girls in Europe might learn a thing or two from this story. Please share and post comments

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