The Tithe Lie

One of the biggest crimes you can commit today is to speak on the subject of Tithe because everyone will come very hard against you, even close friends and family members sometimes, Why?  Because their Great Bishop, GO, Pastor, Prophet who knows more than the Author of the Bible has made a Pronouncement of what Tithe is and that’s it case closed!  It’s never what the Bible said, but what these Revered and Respected people say ! When it comes to Tithe, people are even ready to ague with an Angel from Heaven that he is wrong, so it’s not a Topic that anyone can even go into. TITHE A lady on facebook did one of the very best Research you can ever find on Tithe using Biblical References, but people did not just Insult her, some even Threatened her to take down the Video or Die. It is because of this same Tithe that Thieves, Witch-Doctors, Armed Robbers, Cultist, Evil people has all started their own Churches with large congregations.  The questions that keeps bothering me today is this, Why would anyone Twist the Scriptures, Change it’s Meaning that is so Clear and Simple to Understand, and many will accept it as the Truth just because it comes from someone they respect or maybe worship?  The answer to this is very simple, People are not really interested in a GOD that they can’t see so they believe and worship their Pastors that they can see with their own eyes and the Pastors themselves are getting their earthly rewards but know this, the Word of God remains the same forever and ever Amen!


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