Tuface vs Blackface: Our Love For Tuface Shouldn’t Cloud Our Sense Of Judgement Please!

After so many years in the dark, Blackface is finally out with a new single which has trust him back to the limelight. He has also accused Tuface (via a series of Tweets) of stealing his song,Tuface and Blackface Tweets but some fans are already taking sides with Tuface as they attack and Insult Blackface calling him names. We are here to say people should stop Insulting BlackFace Please!  We all LOVE Tuface, but that doesn’t mean we should hide from the Truth… Everybody knows BlackFace is the Most Talented one from the group Plantashunboyz (Tuface, Blackface, Faze) when it comes to song writingplantashun-boiz as he wrote most of their songs so no need to Insult him for speaking out. He has a right to his intellectual property, he has a right to be angry that his close buddy did not reach out to him during very dark periods…so people should chill… Many commenting and insulting Blackface might do the same if not worse. Our Love for 2face must never cloud our better sense of Judgement. It is our hope that before this thing gets to the courts Tuface Idibia will reach out to Blackface and settle this.Tuface and Blackface Black face whose new name is “BLACKFACE  NAIJA” is out with a brand new Single titled “KILLAH” see the Video below


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