UK Magazine Calls Goodluck Jonathan a Buffoon!

It is not only disgusting but also very disrespectful, for a foreign Press to call the Ex President of a Nation “Buffon”. It is one thing for Nigerians to speak their minds about their President, but a total different Ball game for a foreign Press for that matter to describe our former President as such. We condemn this in very strong terms and hope the Nigeria ambassador to the UK will address this. Below is an Interesting post from Facebook about this subject

Jonathan Buffon

We may not have liked him…
We may have kicked him out in 2015…
We as Nigerians called him clueless…
It is an internal affair.

But for The Economist to call a former president of our dear nation a ‘Buffoon’.
That ought not to be tolerated.
Such derogatory word to a former Nigerian president.

The Economist really went overboard this time.
This is just so wrong.

Ps: I am not defending GEJ, but the audacity of an external body to insult our sensibilities.

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