Unbelievable!!! See A “BLACK” Italian Policeman!

This is one of those things that you have to truly see with your own eyes before you believe! A Black Man in a complete Italian Police Uniform? It’s like seeing a Camel sing the Nigerian National Anthem!  It’s like seeing General Sani Abacha selling Suya at Surulere! It’s like actually seeing Micheal Jackson selling Shaki at the market. Yes that is how rare it is to see a Black Italian Policeman!Black Italian Policeman In Europe after staying between 3-5years legally in a Country, you are eligible for Nationality change if you would love to, so when foreigners in other European Countries change their Nationality after 5yrs, you can actually be in Italy for 10yrs and wont be given that option or privilege. After a very long time, Italy finally joined other European Countries in issuing out their Passport to eligible foreigners, but you will never come across a Black police officer!  So this right here might actually be one of the very first Black to become a Police officer in Italy and so many people are so excited about it, that is why we decided to share this news with you. Please also share this aroundBlack Italian Policeman.2

Black Italian Policeman.3

One Response to Unbelievable!!! See A “BLACK” Italian Policeman!

  1. Angelistic Reply

    January 21, 2016 at 12:50 am

    So nice to see a Black being a police officer in Italy but being a black man pls don’t show them how to take bribe pls.

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