Wow! See Why This Oyinbo Married A Nigerian Lady

The Nigerian Video Blog (Battabox) Presenter was on the Streets of Lagos asking people if they can “Marry A White Person”  One lady said “No she cant” and when asked WHY, she went on this long story and eventually ended it saying “Nigerians Abroad Only Marry Whites because of  the “BENEFITS” of What They Can Get From The Marriage”  Of cause lots of people posted Comments on the Video Clip, but one particular Comment by a  Caucasian Man Caught our eyes. We think it is very Unique and deserves to be shared here on as it puts Nigeria in a positive Light… Using the same Words “BENEFITS” as if responding to the Lady on the Video Clip, he went on to Praise Foods, Culture, Country and most Especially his Beautiful wife who has been a complete Blessing to him.We Captured a Screen shot for you..  See below and drop a Comment White Married To Nigerian


We thank you Mr David Lynch for showcasing the True Positive and Warm Nature of the Nigerian people and our Delicious Cuisine.. Special thanks to your beautiful wife Omonefe Lynch.

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